SRED Encrypted USB Keypad and Reader


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Designed to be used with Helcim Commerce' web-based Virtual Terminal, this keypad is powered through the computer's USB port. Acting as a keyboard, it can connect to any Windows, Mac or Linux workstation and does not require any complex drivers or software to be installed. The device can be used in two ways:

1) Card-Present (Swipe) Transactions
Merchants looking to swipe credit card transactions on their workstation can use the built-in card reader to easily swipe transactions. This can be done connecting the reader directly to their computer, removing the need for using a Mobile App or Retail Terminal.

2) Manually Keyed (Virtual Terminal) Transactions
Merchants that manually key-in credit card transactions into the web-based Virtual Terminal can use this keypad to add further security to the operations. Unlike a traditional computer keyboard, the data is transmitted to the computer securely. The keypad also supports additional AVS fields including address and zip/postal code.

Manufactured by ID Tech, the SRED Key Pad and Mag-Stripe Reader is a reliable device with an operating life of 1,000,000 swipes and key entries. The 20-character backlit LCD display makes it usable in any light conditions.

Better Security
Featuring end-to-end encryption (E2EE), the sensitive cardholder data is encrypted before entering your computer, and only decrypted once received by Helcim's servers. The device is also PCI-PTS certified, greatly reducing your scope of PCI-DSS compliance. The encryption also extends to manually key transactions, normally typed into a computer keyboard.

All SRED Keypads are key-injected by the manufacturer with Helcim's encryption keys.

Key Value
iOS Mobile Compatibility: N/A
Android Mobile Compatibility: N/A
Windows Workstation Compatibility: XP, Vista, Windows 8, 8.1, 10+
Mac Workstation Compatibility: Mac OSX (any version)
Track Data: Track 1, 2 and 3
Output: USB
Power: USB-powered
Encryption: Triple DES
Weight: (lbs) --
Width: (in) --
Length: (in) --
Height: (in) --